The Bay of Islands in Newfoundland has long been a popular destination for both residents and tourists because of its natural attractions and historic sites. The beautiful towns of Lark Harbour and York Harbour are definitely home to breathtaking scenery and offer some of the most scenic hiking trails in the Bay of Islands. The Outer Bay of Islands Enhancement Committee (OBIEC) is a volunteer organization which cares for the hiking trails in the area. Our trail network offers walks and hikes from easy to extreme and connects to places such as the Captain Cook Monument at Lark Harbour, the beautiful remote beach at Cedar Cove, the scenic coastline and sea caves around Bottle Cove, and the hiking adventures of the Blow Me Down and Copper Mine Falls trails. Explore the Outer Bay of Islands and treat yourself to some amazing photo opportunities and panoramic views of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Bay of Islands. Don't miss this hidden gem of Newfoundland.


Historical information

The OBIEC was established in March of 2008 with representatives from the two Town Councils of Lark Harbour and York Harbour, business people and interested citizens.  Letters of Support were received from both Councils along with a Letter of Support from the Humber Arm South Town Council.  A Board of Directors was created and an Executive of Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer was elected.  OBIEC became Incorporated as a non-profit organization.

The Mandate of the newly formed OBIEC was, “To develop the tourism potential of the Outer Bay of Islands.”

The Objectives were:
1.  To develop a list of projects/initiatives to pursue on behalf of the Communities of Lark Harbour and York Harbour.
2.  To identify projects in order of priority.  Some of these included hiking trails, recreational boat launch, directional and historical signage, beautification, outdoor theatre to name a few.

It was felt the best way to generate tourism and economic activity was to give first priority to hiking trail development and trail enhancement in our areas.

Two new trails were identified - Copper Mine Cape Trail (now called Cape Blow Me Down Trail) and Southhead Lighthouse Trail. Funding was obtained through various Provincial Government Departments and through OBIEC fundraisers.  IATNL and community volunteers assisted with cutting the Copper Mine Cape Trail.  With the help of OBIEC and community volunteers along with a JCP, Southhead Trail was developed.  Existing trails were upgraded and directional signs were erected.   A new trail to Copper Mine Falls was developed.  A Boardwalk was developed in Bottle Cove.  In recent years, Murray Mountain Trail was added to the network of trails.  Garbage and recycling containers have been installed along with an outdoor privy in Bottle Cove.  Over the years since its inception, the OBIEC has continued to upgrade and develop trails.