Trail Alert for Cape Blow Me Down Trail (22 July 2017):

Following a recent siting of mother bear with cub on the trail, the NL Department of Fisheries and Land Resources Wildlife Division walked the route and did not see them. The Cape Blow Me Down Trail is open however exercise caution and be "bear smart" e.g. make noise, carry bear spray, travel in groups, do not approach if you see them, etc.. Signs warning of bears in the area are posted at the trail heads but if you see anyone on the trail give them a helpful reminder about the cautions in case they missed them. Safe hiking.

OBIEC Trails

CAPE Blow Me Down Trail

The Cape Blow Me Down Trail (previously known as the Copper Mine to Cape Trail) ascends 650 metres from the large parking area to the top of the Blow-Me-Down Mountains.  Rated Moderately Difficult, this trail extends 3.8 km into the mountain range showcasing some of the finest views in Western Newfoundland.

Cedar Cove Trail

The Cedar Cove Trail is a 1.8 km hike that will appeal to a wide range of hikers. Rated Easy to Moderate, the trail begins at Little Port and ends at the remote beach in Cedar Cove. 

Copper Mine Falls Trail

Rated Easy, this 0.5 km hike will lead you to a mystic water fall at the end of the trail. Copper Mine Falls Trail is suitable for all ages.

Southhead Lighthouse Trail

Rated Moderately Difficult, this 3.3 km trail ascends 330 metres into the mountain range behind Lark Harbour.  

Bottle Cove Trail

Bottle Cove is located near the end Highway 450.  Rated Easy to Moderate, the trails around Bottle Cove are suited for the entire family. Come walk the boardwalk or on to the cliffs and bathe in the view at one of the best sunset sites in Western Newfoundland.

Little Port Head Lighthouse Trail

One of the most challenging hiking trails in the Outer Bay of Islands. Rated Extreme (and we mean extreme), the Little Port Head Lighthouse 3 km trail hike into Little Port Head will lead you to up to 250 metres to view some of the most spectacular scenery in Atlantic Canada. 

Other Trails


This trail is in the Blow Me Down Provincial Park. Rated Moderate/Difficult with an elevation change of 230 metres. There is a 1 km climb to the observation deck overlooking Lark Harbour.  You can also continue another 3.5 km to Lark Harbour head for great views of both towns and the islands in this area.